Hello everyone who has worked with me on and the "Blog" section.

The "Blog" section will provide you with a variety of information. I will write you about yourself if you find it interesting. You can also find the types of shopping, cosmetics, eshops where I buy, occasionally I will answer you in the queries you ask, sometimes I am angry with photos from my vacation or my travel life. This "kneel" and the fast-paced article you take as an excuse, I will definitely fix it soon and I want to assure you that I will write the articles fundamentally and always just me.

If you encounter a spelling error, laugh, do not bang and "take it easy". We only live once, so why spoil the life of anger or anything that does not bring us a smile in the weekend. So, smile. Thanks to all for my little attention and for visiting my new site / eshop.

Your Neon Nela


Hotel Paradise - memory ..

Let's remember when I was at Paradise Hotel :)